This is a Bant Standstill control deck. It's something I put together sort of modeled after a standard awaken deck I have. I haven't ever tried to make a deck quite like this before so any help is appreciated. Right now I think I man need some more Manlands in this deck. I haven't playtested it much at all.

Pretty simple deck I think, ideally have out Standstill as soon as possible, maybe tutor for it with Enlightened Tutor if need be, and control what spells they do cast with Counterspell and Scatter to the Winds. Snapcaster Mage is in here to add the ability to counter even more stuff (I don't think you can activate awaken costs from the graveyard, correct?). Swords to Plowshares is for creatures that they're able to get out. I may add some Path to Exiles if need be.


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