This is a G/W human tribal deck I built for my fiancee. She uses it when she decides to play in FNM. I put my Cavern's in here as to not spoil her experience with Magic and prevent super control decks from ruining her day.

It's also my loner deck, the one I let people borrow when they showed up and didn't have a deck to play with. It's beaten me a number of times at FNM when I let someone borrow it, but I usually come out on top since I know it in and out.

It's entire design was originally based off of Champion of Lambholt; my fiancee's favorite card. As soon as she saw that card spoiled she looked at me and said "I want to make a white/green human deck" so I let her put the core deck together and I tweaked it until it is where it is at today. It's one of my favorite decks to play and can easily get a T4 win if it isn't kept in check.

The deck was previously G/W but has now splashed blue for more utility and access to strictly better cards. It is currently in testing phase. I will post results below.



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