An ongoing work in progress to make mill (sorta, kinda) viable. It started as UG, went to Temur, and then dropped the red again. The spells are pretty standard mill fare with the addition of 8x (now 10x) fogs to keep our pacifist butt alive. The newest addition is white, which nets us more fogs and a tutor(!!!) for the Fraying Sanity multiples. All thanks to u/superladman on reddit for showing me that Open the Armory even existed. This is a strictly combo based deck now, and if you can get 2 Fraying Sanities safely on the board that should be game over.

The sideboard is meant to protect our mill spells from counters, protect our enchantments and transformed Persistent Nightmare  Flip from white removal, deal with impossible to fog finishers like Ulamog / Ballista, and to throw them a total curve ball with Approach of the Second Sun if they've got something to lock out our mill combo like Lost Legacy.

I would love to hear your suggestions!


There are several new changes. Thanks to a suggestion on Reddit I've added in 4 copies of Open the Armory and that has made this a tried and true combo deck now. All we want to do is land 2 Fraying Sanities as quickly as possible and then drop a single mill spell. With the extra white mana there are now a few more fogs, a new board wipe in Fumigate, and a totally new wincon from the sideboard in Approach of the Second Sun. I think this is finally arriving at an optimal build.


Add in Manic Scribes and more stuff for spot removal, like Magma Spray or Unsummon or even Winds of Rebuke

August 12, 2017 6:24 a.m.

grizzlby says... #2

My main reason to not include Manic Scribe is that while the delirium is great, it's difficult to get there from this deck without going out of your way for it. I also don't really want to be using any Unsummons on my own guys if I have them in the deck. If the mana base is flexible enough I may use something like Blessed Alliance, Farm, or Cast Out for spot removal that Sweltering Suns can't take care of.

Thank you for the suggestions, though! I'm still testing this online to find a more optimal build.

August 12, 2017 7:50 p.m.

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