Heyyyy my fellow mages!!!!!

This is my Bant Delirium deck for KLD standard. Now I know what you all must be thinking, Why Bant? Well the answer isn't an easy one, but it's because I love Brisela, Voice of Nightmares,and i wanted so bad to make her work in standard. So let's take a look at Bruna, the Fading Light she reads when you cast her you get a human or an angel back from the grave. So that got me thinking what strategy is good at getting stuff into the graveyard and grabbing bombs out of your deck...And that is when it hit me. Delirium!!! But how would I fit them together. So I took a look at my pre KLD standard deck u/w midrange, and it dond on me this is the skeleton i would use hince the Reflector Mage and Spell Queller. So anyway i added the basic delirium enablers and pay offs to round out the deck. Ill go into further detail now.

1.Win cons

Well basically there are alot of ways to get the opponent to zero in here, Brisela, Voice of Nightmares and her halves Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Ishkanah, the grafwidow ,and I guess bashing face with smaller dudes also works ,but those are the primary options.

2.Support / Defense

Our supporting cast consist of the rest of our creatures they all have a special role to play wether it's setting up an offense or holding back on defense they are all important.

3.Delirium enablers

this section is self explanatory Grapple with the Past Vessel of Nascency etc cards that get into the graveyard quick i also consider Pilgrim's Eye one of these because it basically wants to die and ramps us further.


Dec in stone, Stasis Snare, and also have Negate, and Spell Queller


I doubt any of you will want to build this deck due to it being a rather expensive home brew ,but i love it it is a ton of fun to play ,and no one sees it coming its not the fastest deck, but that's never been my style sorry for the shotty description if you read it all drop a comment or an upvote any feedback is appreciated thanks and see ya later


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So took the deck out for its first fnm lost round 1 because of bad hands was just getting a feel for it so I kept two 6 Landers lol but afterward didn't lose a match


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