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Bant Battlecruiser - PDH Deck Building Challenge

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This deck aims to answer the question of how mono-green can you make a bant deck. Lots of mana, check. Hating on flying creatures, yeah! T-T-Trample tribal!? (Psst, we're playing the WHOLE card.) We even got mono-green things such as white fogs, hand-picked for maximum player damage. Blue mini Vines of Vastwood for protecting your huge threats? That, and so much more. Join me in an exploration of the green color identity, and enjoy a slight bit of Mulldrifter seasoning to go with your greens.

It's both brutish and loud; the most mono-green deck you will ever see, now in multicolor, because you deserve it.

Game Plan

This is honestly a somewhat weird deck, so I guess I should explain what it actually tries to accomplish. The centerpiece of the deck, Bant Battlemage, has two abilities, both granting different forms of evasion. This is of course useful when combined with some large beaters, but also allows the deck to attack on a more political axis. Helping your "allies" get through in exchange for truces or more immediate resources is certainly an option. My personal favourite though is granting your opponents' flying, followed by a sweet piece of flying hate.

This deck also plays a couple of the monarch cards, as well as a handful of fogs. All the fogs prevent damage to/from some subset of cards that is beneficial to us, be it by letting tramplers get through or just preventing damage done to creatures, not players, for more trample feelgood. These can be used to further the a political game plan as well.

In addition this deck tries to generate a reasonable amount of mana to hold up protection for our threats and cast them in the first place. As such it was hard not to run Freed from the Real for an infinite mana combo, and thus I did. There are of course quite a few more synergistic card choices in the deck, but this at least covers some of the stranger ones, the rest will be up to you to discover. And if you choose to pick up this deck, good luck, and enjoy.



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