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Band of Merry Monsters' Clubhouse

Commander / EDH* Aggro Mono-Green


Just another foolish deck I decided to mess with. It looks like it could actually be stupidly fun. The 'Timmy' in me is pleased! It still needs a little 'somethin somethin' but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

Concept isn't too difficult to grasp. Goreclaw is fantastic as pretty much every creature is getting a (2) cost discount to cast and can buff while also providing Trample to my hoard. She's a key to the deck along with the mechanic no one ever loves (cept me, cuz I'm dumb): Banding. Adventurer's Clubhouse, Baton of Moral and Helm of Chatzuk (And to a lesser extent Urza's Engine) will allow me to make cheap, fat mega creatures to bulldoze through enemy lines while also being a bloated wall should anything try to make its way over to my side of the table.

It's dumb and there isn't much to say. I decided to build it on a whim after remembering Banding was a thing, so...there. This is the result of my boredom thus far.


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