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G/B Ballistic Snek (1.07 CMC!!! EASY TURN 3)

Modern Affinity Aggro Artifact Combo



Essentially just a GB version of my original deck focused around utilizing Winding Constrictor as some extra buffer toward my constructs. Also added a few more Steel Overseers to provide an ongoing threat and size advantage. From Dominaria, I have added Sparring Construct to keep more of the deck around the 1-drop level in order to get the board advantage early on. Then, a few Springleaf Drums for mana fixing. The manabase has also been somewhat re-designed to make early game mana production more consistent since this deck is focused more on early game aggro. Lastly, Throne of Geth is being tested out here to see its impact on the deck. Hopefully it'll go well :)

The turn 3 easy wins comes from having an Inkmoth Nexus able to attack for turn 3 and an Arcbound Ravager on turn 3. Also you need a Winding Constrictor or Hardened Scales available, ideally on turn 2, in order to provide the buffer needed when moving counters around to stack to at least 10 damage. With a mox opal or springleaf drum we have the additional mana source available to both cast Arcbound and animate Ink, then sacrficng all other artifacts to Arcbound and then moving them to Ink during attack for an Infect win. With a Steel Overseer in play things become even more lethal, sometimes being able to deal 15 or more infect at kill.


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