Colossus Hammer to be added ASAP

This deck is just pure synergy. It has the ability to surprise even the person playing it with what it can turn out and the situations it can weasel out of.

Personal favorite combos of equipment are Grafted Exoskeleton + Fleetfeather Sandals for 10 infect in the air, or Worldslayer + Darksteel Plate . Inquisitor's Flail can get pretty nutty when you are talking about double damage double strike for commander damage, and all the other equipment get real good real fast when they are mixed with eachother, along with Balan's own double strike and the fact that he can attach everything at instant speed for only 2 mana.

Never underestimate Flash and the power of "attach"

Other Fun Combos:

Puresteel Paladin + Bloodforged Battle-Axe = A lot of card draw

Land Tax + Scroll Rack = Drawing 3 extra cards/ Drawing 2 extra cards and keeping a land


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