I want you to fight :)

The idea behind this deck is to give incentive to my opponents to attack each other, hopefully rather than me. Some cards are here to force them to do so (Bloodthirsty Blade, Disrupt Decorum, Marisi, Breaker of the Coil etc), some cards are used to give the right opponent just the right amount of resources, be it tokens (Hunted Troll and friends) or first/double strike or whatever else.

On the other side, plenty of deterrent creatures: Pay mana if you want to hit me (Archangel of Tithes and friends), hit me at your own peril (Meglonoth, Retaliator Griffin...) etc.

The overall result is a political group-hug-esque pillowfort flavored deck with a twist: I included many closing cards (Insurrection etc) and creatures (Loyal Apprentice etc) which lie outside of the typical pillow scenario for this commander, because I just like them so much. Also, plenty of removal spells which give back something to the opponent (Generous Gift, Mercy Killing etc) and some life-savers for me and my permanents/creatures.

I would have LOVED to include cards such as Sylvan Offering, Alliance of Arms, Rite of the Raging Storm and all the like, but the other players in my playgroup rely MASSIVELY on creatures entering and leaving the field, sacrificing creatures and whatnot for their decks' mechanics, so cards like Rite (which otherwise I’d say is the single best most perfectest card for Gahiji) would have backfired like literal HELL.

So this is not your typical Gahiji build, it has a decent variety of approaches to the game depending on the cards I draw: sometimes pretty bold, sometimes more pillowfort-y, and 100% of the time just fun because of the political interactions.


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