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Wizards Preconstructed Deck from Onslaught

The Bait and Switch deck has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It features a wide variety of "tribal" cards (cards that work with specific creature types) and a lot of cards that allow you to change one creature's type to another. When this deck has time to develop, it can win in very cool ways. The more you play, the more wacky interactions you'll discover.

The Mistform creatures are the pillars that hold up the whole deck. Each one can transform into any creature type you want. Turn one into a Zombie to regenerate it with Boneknitter , create Goblins to use with Cabal Slaver , or increase the number of Wizards you control to take advantage of Information Dealer . You can even make your Mistform Wall into a Beast so it can attack. If you can pull all these tricks and more with the cards in your own deck, imagine what'll happen when you face tribal cards in your opponents deck! If your foe is giving all Soldiers a bonus, you might as well have some Soldiers too.

The fun doesn't end there, though. You can use Imagecrafter, Mistform Mutant , and Trickery Charm to mess around with other creature's types. Your opponent who liked Soldiers so much might wind up controlling a bunch of Elves instead. This is where spells like Peer Pressure and Endemic Plague can be particularly devastating. Change creature types wisely and Peer Pressure will let you steal your opponent's best creatures permanently. If you're feeling more destructive, Endemic Plague can wipe out your opponent's entire army (after you make them all the same type, of course).

Bait and Switch doesn't deal well with fast decks because you need time to get enough mana to play your Mistform creatures and use your tribal tricks. If things go well, you'll be able to slow down initial attacks by trading early creatures or blocking with your Walls. More cheap creature removal spells like Smother or the Torment card Chainer's Edict can help reduce the early stress. And Voidmage Prodigy can really let you take control of the game. If you like messing with other people's minds - and creatures - you won't regret playing Bait and Switch.



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