Bad EDH.

No, not THAT kind of bad. Aggressively, in-your-face bad. This deck is a Rube Goldberg machine made of stale bread and twine, and even if you do manage to get it to work, all it does in the end is drop a bowling ball on your own foot.

It's bad.

There are tons of little challenges buried in this dungheap, and plenty more you can pose to yourself. A couple examples:

Easy Difficulty:

Draw a card after resolving Dragon Appeasement. (Plenty of sac effects to enable this one; even Atogatog can contribute!)

Medium Difficulty:

Hit a player with Pangosaur. (The most straightforward challenge in this list, but still kind of hard to do, especially in multiplayer.)

Block with Mindless Null. (Luckily, he has Mistform Ultimus to give the necessary moral support.)

Make a 1/1 Wood Elemental. (Wood Elemental + Forest is one of the classic combos.)

Draw the game. (It will take both types of Divine Intervention to get this one to work, I'd imagine.)

Hard Difficulty:

Create a sheep token with Ovinomancer. (Returning three basic lands is hard enough when you only have three in the deck; getting a 0/1 to survive the turn cycle to use him isn't a cakewalk either.)

Cast Myr Superion. (Birchlore Rangers is the only way this deck has to make mana with creatures, and there are only two other elves in the deck. There're two ways to squeeze the requisite second mana out of them, though, if you think outside the box.)

Successfully Bifurcate a creature. (Not terribly complicated, but you have to be lucky enough to run into someone playing one of your terrible creatures!)


Take an extra turn with Time Sieve. (You'll need to resolve both the Myr Superion AND a Phyrexian Dreadnaught to get this one to work, and have to draw the other three artifacts in the deck on top of that.)

Going Against The Spirit Of The Deck Difficulty: Kill a player with Atogatog General Damage. (You get a pass if you sacrificed Mistform Ultimus to it in order to make it a 4-turn clock.)

Following The Spirit Of The Deck Entirely Difficulty:

Cast Firemind's Foresight for Mudhole, Pale Moon, One With Nothing. Make Mistform Ultimus a 7/6 Haste with Crucible of Fire and Steamflogger Boss, then sacrifice it to Suleiman's Legacy. Cast Enter the Infinite floating B for One With Nothing.


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