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A fairly standard Kessig Wolf Run deck that I've been working on for Type 2/Standard. Creatures are all fairly self explanatory: Daybreak Rangers to take care of fliers, Mondronen to take care of caster heavy decks, such as Delver decks. Garruk has the benefit of not only creating more wolf tokens, but his flip is useful for searching for creatures that I may not be drawing well. Mayor/Immerwolf for buffing creatures, Instigator Gang/Full Moon's Rise for stomping with attacks.

I ran this deck without the Gut Shots and Blasphemous Acts in a FNM and got over run, so my opponents suggested a bit more creature destruction, so I moved the Blasphemous Act to the main deck and added in the Gut Shots.

Ancient Grudge is side-boarded for artifact decks or the occasional Sword buffing deck. After a bit more play testing, I found that the Blasphemous Act is not enough for clearing against token/weenie decks, so I'm thinking about throwing in some Slagstorms or possibly just running 4 Blasphemous (since most times against token decks it costs only a Red.)

The ideal opener is play a Mountain/Copperline Gorge, and then play a Reckless Waif (hoping that they can't play something first turn and I can flip for 3 damage on turn 2). Second turn I would then play a land (preferably another Copperline), Rampant Growth for another Forest/Mountain depending on the cost of the hand I have and then third turn have out a Huntmaster/Garruk/Instigator Gang or a Full Moon's Rise + Mayor.

I've found that while the deck is insanely fast played properly and with really good drawing/top decking, if you draw the game out too long, it will start to lose it's potency if the opponent is running even just a bit of creature destruction, to snipe out your more important wolves or if they're running a +1/+1 counter deck, where their creatures end up being 10/10s or above. I'm thinking that possibly running the Slagstorms (or possibly 2 more Blasphemous Acts) will help a bit with getting overwhelmed late game while allowing me to regen all of my werewolves with Full Moon's Rise.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to sideboard out, as it feels to me like every wolf that I current have in the deck is needed to make the deck feel whole. Currently, I'm just pulling 1 off of the wolves that I'm running 4 of but I feel like maybe there would be a better way to sideboard in some cards to counter other decks. Any suggestions on that specific topic would be much appreciated.

Any comments/suggestions/tips are welcomed! Feel free to be as honest as you can and as constructive as you can with your comments!


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I ran this at a small Standard tourny with some friends at a LGS and did decently. I get out speeded by some Vampire decks and controlled a bit too hard with creature removal. I'm thinking of adding in some more burn for decks that aren't mass creature or token and more larger creatures (which is what Blasphemous Act is for). Not sure if I want to use Slagstorm or Brimstone Volley or Galvanic Blast or Whipflare or what.

I added in the Wollfbitten Captives instead of the Waifs on a recommendation from someone, though I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's one of the few wolves that you don't really want to flip early on..

I'm thinking of adding in some Scorned Villager's for more mana ramp, but I'm not sure how I feel about removing my first turn plays for it. Maybe I could take out the Gutshots from mainboard and sideboard them against Vampire decks that open with Stromkirk Noble or Delver decks.


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