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Bad Bogles -- $7 / 1.5 tix Hexproof creatures

Standard Aura Hexproof Budget Enchantment G/U (Simic)



Bogles has been a deck in Modern for a really long time and its game plan is pretty simple: play a turn 1 Slippery Bogle or Gladecover Scout, load it up with cheap Auras, and smash face for the win. Well, we don't exactly have 1-CMC hexproof creatures available right now in Standard but surely the deck will work just as well with 4- and 6-CMC creatures, right?

Probably not, but the deck is built of bulk commons and uncommons and costs less than $7 in paper and 1.5 tix online, so we might as well have some fun giving it a shot. You can't tell me you haven't though about jamming with a Scaled Behemoth in Standard ever since you lost to it in Amonkhet Draft!

Oh, and if you'd like to see how this deck runs with a light Black splash (and don't mind a few AC/DC references), check out my Bad Bogles 2: Back in Black deck.

The Gym Rats

We're running two Hexproof creatures: Jade Guardian and Scaled Behemoth. Jade Guardian is reasonably cheap at only 4-CMC so we can usually get it down fairly early. A 3/3 Hexproof creature for 4 is already pretty close to par, plus it lets us get started right away. Scaled Behemoth is more expensive, sure, but it's simply enormous. Slap even one aura onto this guy and you're cooking with some serious gas.

Gettin' Swole

Ok, you've got your Hexproof creature down. Now it's time to get pumped.

Our best Auras are Cartouche of Knowledge and Cartouche of Strength as both give us a form of evasion plus another effect. Cartouche of Knowledge replaces itself, helping us continue to draw into action, while Cartouche of Strength gives us the option of chowing down on one of our opponent's dudes. We want to draw these auras all game, every game, lest we get chump-blocked into infinity.

For backup, we have One With the Wind. One With the Wind is basically just a worse Cartouche of Knowledge, but at least it gives us a bigger stat boost. +2/+2 and Flying for only 2 mana is seriously punishing.

Finally, Hashep Oasis is our backup-backup "Aura." The opportunity cost to run it is pretty low and it can sometimes shave a turn off our clock or enable an attack that would've otherwise been a non-starter. All in all, a good inclusion to the deck.

Live To Lift

Now we just gotta make sure we stay alive long enough to slam, and for that we have a light control package.

Essence Scatter helps keep the board clear while we wait to get down a creature while Negate deals with non-creature threats early and protects us from sweepers later on. I already mentioned Cartouche of Strength but it's worth mentioning again, as it's our best way of interacting with the board if we miss countering something. Thankfully, it's not our only way: a few copies of Unquenchable Thirst help us keep things under control.

Opt, meanwhile, helps us draw into the cards we need at any given time. We really need to make sure we hit our land drops early and Bogles and Auras late, and Opt is perfect for that. We're also running a few copies of Benefaction of Rhonas (thanks to FullmetalWes for the suggestion!) for turbo-filtering since it hits almost every non-land card in our deck, letting us snag an Aura when we're Bogle-flooded or find a Bogle when we're Aura-flooded. This deck plays more like Combo than Midrange so card filtering is really, really important.

24 Hour Fitness

The lands are pretty easy: you got your Woodland Streams, your basics lands, and the aforementioned copies of Hashep Oasis. We don't mind lands coming into play tapped too much since most of our serious action is further up the curve, so we're not punished too badly for our budget here. Hashep Oasis can do some serious work here once we've got a Bogle down and some evasion strapped to it, but make sure you leave up enough mana to Negate their Settle the Wreckage!

All that said, this would still be a decent place to upgrade if you happen to have some Botanical Sanctums kicking around, and maybe a Scavenger Grounds or two wouldn't hurt either.

Don't Skip Leg Day

For the sideboard, we have Spell Pierce for the Control matchups, Appetite for the Unnatural for dealing with troublesome artifacts and enchantments, Crook of Condemnation to blow up graveyard strategies, and Commit / Memory as a catch-all answer to everything else that might bother us. We also have another Negate and Unquenchable Thirst for matchups where those shine. And finally, two copies of River's Rebuke to deal with go-wide and token decks, which can swarm us even once we've got a Bogle down. All in all, we have a pretty diverse set of answers in Blue and Green.

Do You Even Lift, Brah?

Thank you for reading, and I hope you like the deck. This is about as ultra-budget as can be but if you wanted to spend a bunch more shekels, this deck would really love to swap in Carnage Tyrant for Scaled Behemoth's slot. Let me know if you have any other ideas for how to make this little engine go!


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