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Trying to put together an inexpensive blue/black mill deck. The idea is to basically mill the guy as quickly as possible. They won't be able to play their combos if it's in the graveyard, right?!?

Jace's Phantasm is there mainly as early game deterrence, especially if you can Thought Scour and Mind Sculpt right off the bat.The only other creature is the ever-awesome Consuming Aberration.

Murder is there to handle early game creatures, or to handle creatures that become a threat late game. Mutilate can serve as my board wipe, as I don't anticipate either of the creatures I have dying to it. I like Dimir Charm because of its flexibility. Mind Grind is the staple, and Thought Scour is in there both as a mill and to keep my hand full.

No sideboard yet...going to build this for more casual use, anyways. If I were to sideboard, I would definitely need something for very aggressive burn decks or decks that depend on cards being in the graveyard. Also, artifact/enchantment removal. I haven't built a standard deck ever, so I don't know what I would be going up against should I play this.


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