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So this is a deck I build half a year ago that I've been meaning to improve. Originally it was build with the idea to build an army, play Grave Betrayal and Butcher of Malakir, and then steal everyones army by sacreficing your own trough Viscera Seer and Bontu the Glorified.

Now, the deck evolved more into a mediocre aristocrat gain train with either Westvale Abbey   or the Blood Artist / zulaport cutthroath minigun as a wincon

The eldrazi are there to provide more creatures/mana, then there's some card advantage and early game action that can be used as fodder if it survives into the late and of course Viscera Seer who is still the sac output king-pin. Last but not least, Vampire Hexmage is an amazing early game defender, as well as an awesome counter removal in the mid to late. Especially since most of the other creatures are chums, she has proven invalluable more than once. (also, one of my friends keeps dropping Managorger Hydra during multiplayer, so... you know)

I'm not sure where I would like to take this deck. I'm already working on a golgari EDH that explores the aristocrat gatling gun some more, so that's not my first interest. It might be interesting though to focus more on controle, possibly trough adding blue.


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