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B Shrieking Discard MP

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It used to be a mix of controle trough denial and triggering waste not. However waste not was a little more expensive than planned, as was the other all star of the deck; torment of hailfire.

Now the main wincondition is death by empty hand.At all costs. If you get the right draw you can empty out your opponents hand by turn 3, and even keep their lands in check. Then get one or several Delirium Skeins / Quest for the Nihil Stone and just watch them die. Doing this, Smallpox , Delirium Skeins and Plaguecrafter can be devastating, both to you and your opponent. If you can pull it off, there is little your opponents can do, but if you get interrupted mid proces you're pretty much at their mercy.

A second option with this deck is to not rush it, but count on the specters as a midrange wincon. Guul Draz Specter is an awesome value card, and can wreak serious havoc. Fell Specter is a less agressive put potentially more effective spectre. Fraying Omnipotence works great if your opponent runs out of controle in either carddraw or creatures.

As always, feedback is highly appreciated. Please keep in mind though, that I play in a multiplayer oriented meta. (with mostly creature based decks)


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