So I finally decided give my take on an Azusa deck. This isn't a friendly deck, it is made to quickly combo out with Gaea's Cradle . It does contain some of your typical expectations of an Azusa deck such as the Crucible of Worlds + Strip Mine combo.

So lets break this deck down.

If you listen to the Command Zone, Josh and Jimmy talk about 2 important factors in EDH: ramp and card draw. This deck is a built in ramp deck, the most common issue Azusa has is draw draw due to it being mono green. I think I may have solved this issue.

Card draw is pretty interesting as it is a little difficult to do in green. The trick with this deck is to generate card value out of cards that you have. This means if what you are doing is ramping 4 lands a turn, then do that. Threats will come easily through the various tutors in the deck.

The key is to take advantage of tutor cards to obtain specific card draw cards. One being Sanctum of Ugin , this allows you to play one of your eldrazi and get another colorless card like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth , Kozilek, the Great Distortion , or my favorite, Sandstone Oracle . Beast Whisperer does wonders as we continue drop small creatures to build our board.

These are just some of the draw engines that enable green to have draw power. But the all star draw engine is Tireless Tracker . while it is slow, it does prepare you for a longer game.

Next, Tutors:

Taking advantage of tutors allows me to place hate bears on the battlefield as I grow my resources. Collector Ouphe has stopped many mana rock based decks from going off and Dosan the Falling Leaf lets me continue to reck havoc. For the multicolor decks, Hall of Gemstone makes wins pretty easy. Once we get 10 mana, putting in Kozilek, the Great Distortion and Void Winnower pretty much locks the game allowing me to beat them with annihalator or a team swing with Craterhoof Bohemoth or Finale of Devastation

So there are the basics about this deck. Enjoy!!


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