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This is a B/W/U deck that is focused on surviving until I can get out one of my larger creatures/spells, or slowly kill them while keeping my life floating. To do this, there is a heavy influence of extort in this deck as well as cipher. In order to compliment the cipher, I have a few creatures with evasion capabilities.

Vampire Nighthawk -- With flying, it is a good evasion card if I am lacking an Invisible Stalker in hand or on the field. Also, the deathtouch is a nice touch to ensure that even if a creature can block me, I can usually get one of theirs in return. The lifelink is the main reason this card is here, with all of the evasion lifelink combined with Rhox Faithmender is a force to be reckoned with.

Invisible Stalker -- Obviously here for it's evasion. It is a difficult card to take care of and I can encode Hands of Binding on it, or even Stolen Identity, and really control the board.

The rest of the creatures have the sole purpose of either life gain and extending the game (through lifelink or extort) or being bombs to finish the game off quickly. Usually by around the ending stages of the game, my opponent is not prepared to face a Desecration Demon or Obzedat, and even if they are, Desecration Demon is a great control card. If they have too many creatures on the field and I can't control all of them, then making them choose between a 6/6 or sacrificing one of their creatures is a great feeling.

Most of the instant/sorcery spells are for creature control. Hand of Binding is obviously great at this, and is relatively cheap for a powerful effect. Martial Law does the same thing as Hands of Binding, but since it is an enchantment it is far more difficult to take care of (same with Detention Sphere).

I don't have much removal in the main board, so I threw Orzhov Charm in there to try and not only control the creatures, but also get rid of them. The damage penalty I take is not a big deal thanks to all of the life gain. Also, if they take out my main extort card, Thrull Parasite, I can use this to get it back in to play (if I am desperate for it)

Sideboard:Blind Obedience -- More extort is always nice, and this card is great for a haste deck like RDW.

War Priest of Thune -- No enchantment removal in the the main board, and War Priest of Thune gives the double advantage of more creatures and enchantment removal.

Rest in Peace -- Zombies/Undying. Although not usually a big deal with all of my detain spells and control spells without taking the card out of the battlefield, sometimes it proves to be difficult to take care of Zombies.

Cyclonic Rift -- Also a game ender. If they have too many cards and I can't control all of them, like in a Boros deck, this will easily win me the game, especially if I have Desecration Demon on the field.

Ultimate Price -- More removal, for those more difficult to deal with cards. Think Acidic Slime w/ Conjurer's Closet

The deck needs more testing, so please give me feedback on what is good or bad. I know it is not perfect by any means, so I am totally open to suggestions.


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