I believe esper control is where control will be moving to in RIX. Feel free to comment and upvote if you like the idea! Still a work in progress.

The basic concept of the deck is to hold off the opponent for 8 turns while you try to flip azors gateway and land Azor Lawbringer or Torment of Hailfire.

We have a very wide curve so that we can consistently hit each cmc to flip azor. We got a playset of opt and two hieroglyphic illuminations to find the cards we need.

One approach I read on mtg goldfish was to use vizier of tumbling sands to untap azors gateway to get extra cards exiles per turn. I thought this was a valid although not necessary way to abuse azors gateway. It is common practice for decks to run bunches of removal game one so the vizier would simply die every time I played her. However, game two the opponent should have boarded out pretty much all removal and we can board in the vizier as a defender who then untapps the gateway for a speedy flip with little fear of it dying.

I really would appreciate feedback!


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