Even though the manabase isn’t ideal atm, I tried for the most straightforward control/Nexus. Thanks for the idea Eledain. Comments, advice and +1 appreciated! +1 can be given cause you really hate this Deck too!


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Today was the first Field Test for this build, worked like I thought it would. Round 1: Monogreen elves Opponent didn’t get past 3 forests, flipped treasure map turn 5, landdrops every turn, nova, t6 Teferi, syncopate Steel leaf, then start to combo off. Opponent conceded only when I was down on 7 handcards, library 2 nexus,... Match 2 perfect start for the Stompy, I didn’t draw blue mana, dead turn 5. Match 3 worked well, combo off, timeout, extraturns, draw.

Round 2 Drakes. Match 1 loss, everything was fine, then I drew 8 lands in a row, in the end lacked answers,... Match 2 concede after I ixalaned crackling drake and Niv, was a good match, boarded out 3 revitalize , 1 insight, 1 Sabotage for 2 Ixalan, 1 settle, 2 negate, worked. Match 3 we didn’t start anymore.

Round 3 Budget drakes Match 1 he conceded after I had 3 extraturns with Azcanta flipped and Teferi running. Match 2 concede after I Ixalaned enigma and crackling drake, combopieces on the board.

Round 4: Dimir Control disinformation campaign. Match 1: concede after I started comboing off, opponent was a bit unlucky , had both color lands in starting hand , I syncopated t2 thought erasure, he didn’t draw fast enough, again treasure map helped me win. Match 2 concede, he wanted to play FNM modern, was a tight match until he conceded, could have gone both ways,...

Conclusion: I like this brew, even though it is a really tiring way to play and win. Shock lands will help a lot, but it’s playable like this. I think the balance for match 1 is quite good, you can defeat control and Aggro, after boarding a good match 2 is more or less guaranteed, so I guess I will keep playing this pain in the ass list,...


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