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Azorius Soldier Control

Standard W/U (Azorius)



A control deck with soldier tokens and creatures. Based on my Real deck. It really needs improvement, any suggestions?


Removed 2x Captain's Call and added 2x Precinct Captain for CMC efficiency and a little more aggro.


streichersix says... #1

suggest:Gather the Townsfolk

Gather will probably be more mana efficient than Captain's Call.

March 4, 2013 9:32 p.m.

HugeSuccess says... #2

I'd take out Healer of the Pride; I'm personally not a huge fan of life-gaining cards, especially when you can make your control more effective even with something like Azorius Justiciar. It seems like you kind of want to do some populating in this deck with the tokens, so take a look at a combination of cards along the lines of Phantom General and Growing Ranks. Those cards, and any others that would juice tokens/populate, will help you overwhelm your opponent with a small army while they have to deal with your control. Coming off of that, I also think Arrest has to make an appearance in this deck, though I guess Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere give you a similar effect that works on enchantments/artifacts as well.

Also, instead of Hover Barrier I'd consider Fog Bank, though I'm not sure how many defenders you need in a deck like this. Adding Crusader of Odric might also help with your offense given that your army of soldier tokens will make it huge. Don't forget the new battalion mechanic in GtC, with a card like Frontline Medic. I also like Court Street Denizen in terms of your soldier-populating potential.

Given the relative density of enchantments you have right now (plus any others you might add), I've found Sphere of Safety to be a devastating control mechanism. The Azorius deck I've been working on is almost entirely control dedicated and heavy on enchantments, so throwing in something like that can really help you mid game by freezing any other non-exiled/detained/arrested creature threats.

March 4, 2013 10:37 p.m.

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