Beginning the work on a Raff deck to replace my Azor deck. I love my Azor deck. It suits my play style, and sends a shudder down the collective spines of my playgroup. But I'm always open to somehting new. And here I have to give credit to redace10 for showing me (my) future of Azorius.

There are, at the moment, two non-land cards in the deck that cannot be potentially cast at instant speed: Land Tax and Approach of the Second Sun. The former is, in my experience, just too damn good at thinning the deck so you find real answers, while consistently allowing you to never miss a land drop (especially if you manage to play it turn one); the latter is just, as I've found, an effective win condition in so many situations. Will it stay? I don't know. When I get around to building the deck, I will of course test it out!

I am currently considering reworking this as an artificer deck, which will require a complete re-tooling of the whole thing, but that will probably significantly increase the overall effectiveness of it, even if it strips away the fun planeswalkery feel I was wanting to play with. Comments and suggestions are always welcome; I need all the help I can get as this is an historic undertaking. (See what I did there?) Also, if you like the deck, please upvote my deck!


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