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Azorius Flyer Beatdown

Pioneer Budget WU (Azorius)



Aggressive deck using enchanted flying creatures to quickly overwhelm the opponent.

Baneslayer Angel is included as a 2021 core set leak.

Judge's Familiar, Spell Pierce, Siren Stormtamer, Mausoleum Wanderer and if need be Mystic Dispute provide a ton of counter magic to protect against wipes or other devastating spells.

Opt, Staggering Insight, Curious Obsession and Aqueous Form help me filter and draw the cards I need in the moment, whether it is avoiding mana flood or drawing into more threats after having some removed.

4x Glacial Fortress for a strict land upgrade.

Also need ideas for sideboard. Is 20 lands too low for this deck given the curve and card draw?



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