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Order of the White Knights

Legacy* Aggro Budget Knights Mono-White


The idea of this deck is to get a lot of first strike indestructible knights boosted with +1/+1 enchantments and vigilance ... Works quite well !

Knight Exemplar (especially if you have two of them on the battlefield) is a must to get the most of your army ! Once you get Brave the Sands on your side then, they all can attack each turn without fearing too much.

Student of Warfare becomes a 3/3 First Strike ready to attack on turn 2 if you get it in your opening hand (quite useful !)

Kinsbaile Cavalier doubles your attack power and makes wonders with the Lifelink ones.

card:Benalish Marshall and Honor of the Pure make them a little stronger

A few of them have protection from black/red/green

8 removal spells help you with those big badass monsters you want to get rid of

No flyers, but with this first strike army that grow bigger and stronger, I think it's not always necessary

The only thing I think about replacing is Godsend. It's a badass equipment but I almost never get to equip it because I have something g else to cast. I'd love to have your suggestions to replace this one !

Have fun and telle what you think :)


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