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Budget Acid Trip

Modern Boza


A fun deck that includes morph cards + blink and is relatively cheap to build. Has a lot of cool interactions.

Card explanation:

20 lands - i tried to go for a heavier dual land build, and I advise you to do so as well.


2 Blade Splicer - this guy plays offense and defense in the deck. only blink him if super necessary.

4 Flickerwisp - the meat and potatoes of the offense and doubles as a blinker.

2 Kitchen Finks - one of the two main survival tools against aggro.

2 Akroma, Angel of Fury - General win condition thing vs control.

1 Mulldrifter - this one is under contention whether it should be a reveillark. But this fish is just too good. Never sad to see it.

3 Restoration Angel - nobody expects the Restoration angels. A great card that should be more on your radar. Helps to have instant speed Cloudshift on a stick.

1 Stonehorn Dignitary - the full stop for aggro decks. Surivives bolt.

2 Wall of Omens - we really want to stop aggro. It doesn't hurt that it cantrips.

1 Knight of the White Orchid - an alternative to the wall

2 Venser, Shaper Savant - remand on a stick, aka repeatable remand/boomerang? I cannot say no to Venser!

1 Sun Titan - general recurring thing. On the fence between this and Reveillark.

Instants and sorceries

3 Path to Exile - should be 4, do not have as much, helps too much vs aggro.

3 Cloudshift - instant speed low cost blink, helpful in any and all situations.

4 Remand - you always require very specific cards to deal with the current boardstate. This helps to set it up so and gives you time.

1 Momentary Blink - the namesake of the archetype. Should find the space for one more perhaps. It is very, very good.

Other spells

4 Detention Sphere - it deals with anything, but most helpful vs aggro decks and Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff , the bane of the deck.

2 Venser, the Sojourner - the win condition of the deck. Resolving this guy means you generally win.

1 Gideon Jura - the best defense against aggro and a resilient win condition.


2 Reality Acid - the previous main combo is delegated to the SB.

2 Leonin Relic-Warder - see reality acid. good vs affinity.

1 Dispel - a little bit of help vs control decks.

1 Stonehorn Dignitary - another copy if aggro is too aggressive.

3 Leyline of Sanctity - we have protection from burn and liliana of the veil, two very real threats for this deck.

2 Negate - we really hate any delver variants.

1 Journey to Nowhere - pesky creatures will be pesky no more. Creature heavy decks have a bad time vs enchantments, generally.

1 Oblivion Ring - a way to deal with creatures and walkers and enchantments that is not reality acid.

2 Rest in Peace - obligatory graveyard hate is obligatory.


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