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ayula and the army of bears

Standard* Mono-Green


my attempt on a bear tribal deck!

the budget could be thinned down by removing the growing rites and also the adaptive automaton and the metallic mimic, but they are the lords of the deck. Without them (and the primal surge) the deck would be hella cheap.

the primal surge is mostly a meme in there. If you get so screwed up with mana (that may happen) and you still haven't drawn an Ayula's Influence , you can play your whole deck with primal surge and basically just win, as you could make giant bears with ayula's enter the battlefield effects.

growing rites is semi - ramp and also it is getting more creatures into your hand. Ayula is the center of the entire deck, as it is essentially a super - lord, making your bears either larger, or beating your opponent's creatures up and making sure they don't have a board state. with this deck, if you play universal automaton when Ayula is on the board, you could just get a 1 mana 3/3.

Ayula's influence can be a really helpful card if you are getting mana flooded because now you can discard land cards for board presence and buff bears.

most of the other cards are just there to help keep your board strong and since everything (except the primal surge) is 3 mana or less, you should be able to start producing value and dropping bears by turn 3 that are 4/4's and 3/3's. Ayula can also work as a board wipe with primal surge (fighting other creatures) but if you play primal surge, I think you just win.


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