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Ayli's eternal frightmare

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Ayli, and the deck of doom, present their new single in a movie that came out recently but i cant say the name due to trade mark issues but its a tool that one would use at a lumber mill that rhymes with paw, and when you leave this lumber mill, you can say you Saw 7 logs. Now then, for the main test of this deck, "Are your opponents ready to; Live or Die? They chose." Commanding this frightmare is the sac-religious priestess Ayli, and her deck of doom. Rumor has it that she's even got a vexing young pilgrim* of her own working for her on the side, but there are few alive to tell the tale.

*(Heliod's Pilgrim and then Curse of Misfortunes)

Anyways up on the chopping block we've got...

Heliod's Pilgrim or Bitterheart Witch to bring out Curse of Misfortunes and if they've got a creature based deck then Overwhelming Splendor Curse of Death's Hold Torment of Scarabs Cruel Reality Curse of Exhaustion, and it's almost the reverse for a non- creature based deck.


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