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I have been recently working to rebuild my squirrel deck from days past. Here it is with some modifications from more recent sets.

Both Arbor Elf and Nissa, Worldwaker are nice to untap your forests enchanted with Squirrel Nest for second and third squirrel triggers.

Steely Resolve protects the important creatures like Squirrel Mob and Nut Collector .

The rest is a pretty straightforward squirrel deck.

Suggestions welcome!


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The commander of the squirrel army is here! I was both extremely happy and angry when Earl of Squirrel was spoiled for Unstable. This little advisor is exactly what I want in a squirrel card as it buffs my squirrels, makes more squirrels, and turns all of my non-squirrel creatures into squirrels. Unfortunately the card is maddening because it can only be used in casual settings thanks to it being in Unstable (a moment of silence for my dream of a Squirrel themed commander deck please...).

Either way, the Squirrel Advisor will fit right at home in this deck.


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