With the release of Theros Beyond Death, I have once again grown passionate about my lost elemental desire. With the fascinating addition of Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. The art of dying has arisen great power from within the tomb.

The primary goal was to restore the momentum this deck lost with Flamekin Harbinger by returning Spark Elemental. Then with Faithless Looting banned, I needed to utilize other characteristics of the deck while trying to meet the same goals. Therefore, I looked into Lightning Skelemental. This card held a nice feature within the deck that needed to be utilized more frequently. That's how Kolaghan's Command & Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger have earned their position within the lineup. Liliana, the Last Hope is a nice addition with her ability to fill the grave and return creatures with her -2 when needed. These few changes allowed me to remove a lot of the discard/return aspect from my hand while still staying aggressive. With these additions, the deck hits hard with the combined energy it previously lacked. While also meeting every aspect the deck truly desires.

I feel this deck is once again gaining momentum, but I will need to spend more time to be sure. However, I will undoubtedly be back with any new updates following my playtests.

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