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Aurelia + Anthem Effects x Double Strike = Winning

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It feels like a combo deck

...in the same ways that infect is a combo deck. It combines anthem effects and small double strike creatures with the commander's double attack to quickly end games. Very quickly, sometimes by turn 6.

  • For example: 2x 2/2 double strike dudes + Aurelia & her extra combat step + Signal Pest = 37 damage in one turn.

-With this deck it's extremely important to not waste any resources. It has very few spot removal spells included, and not much card advantage, but it makes up for that with it's raw power and huge alpha strike attacks out of nowhere.

-If the deck can curve out so that it can have one or two creatures and an anthem ready to attack when Aurelia hits the table, that is usually enough to kill an opponent that has little or no defense up yet in one turn. Not always the case, but it definitely gets "free wins" against slow decks sometimes.

-It's not always best to race however. Depending on the opponent's decks, its important not to commit multiple creatures to the board until after the first board wipe is cast. At that point it is much easier for a deck like this to take over the game.

-If I do get caught by a big removal spell, there also are a bunch of cards to pull me back into the game. From reanimation like Marshal's Anthem to armies in a can like Brimaz, King of Oreskos. And of course the almighty Sun Titan really shines in a deck with so many creatures that cost 3 or less. Lol, Sun Titan shines, that was actually an accidental pun.

-One of the other most important keys to winning with this deck is to make sure that you don't waste casting Aurelia. Since she already costs six mana and this deck doesn't ramp very hard, it's easy to be locked out of casting her if she dies too much. Basically I don't cast Aurelia unless I am about to win, I need her to block in order to survive, or I am about to at least attack profitably with her.

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