Nothing is Certain but Aura and Taxes


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With so many other better voltron commanders out there to choose from, so why Bruna instead of Uril, the Miststalker or Sigarda, Host of Herons who are more resilient to hate? The reason is simply because I am not going all in on Bruna like other builds, instead, I'm throwing in hatebears to mess with my opponent's plans and putting them behind on the board as I find the perfect opportunity to go for the kill.

There are three popular strategies when it comes to piloting Bruna, all of which ends with the same finisher combo. One is to play a control build with a ton of permissions and only include the bare signature auras to finish the game once there is an opening. The second is to play a ton of auras and play mill cards like Traumatize to hopefully get their big auras into the graveyard to swing with Bruna with. The last build is a more competitive build aimed at using stax and Bruna's ability to break parity (video of her in action can be viewed here).

The common theme of all three of the above builds are that they are very commander dependent and one-dimensional. Many of them only focuses on the graveyard and hand aspect of Bruna's ability. In my build, I will be focusing on the "auras from battlefield" ability which makes this deck more flexible and less dependent on my commander. This led me to building this deck as hatebears (death and taxes) focused in order to have them act as a way to control the board, giving my commander or other hatebears additional boosts/protection, and most importantly act as temporary holders for auras. The fact that auras being destroyed or are currently on my hatebears can be instantly attached to Bruna once she attacks/defends is what makes this build so flexible. Another reason why I'm leaning towards a more creature-heavy deck is due to my meta being primarily aggro and control which makes the other builds more fragile to hate.


The primary strategy is as follows:

  1. Play supporting creatures (hatebears) while dumping auras on them early to mid game

  2. Win with our pumped up aurafied creatures or an infinitely large Auratog if we managed to assemble that combo

  3. If the stars are aligned and we have the relevant auras and conditions to protect Bruna, we can cast her to finish the game

As this deck was build with the Bruna being the secondary focus, we do not need Bruna to win. The main focus of this build is to establish a soft-lock with our hatebears and slowly edge our opponents out with superior board states and card draws. There are times that the stars are perfectly aligned and Bruna can win the game early out of nowhwere, but rushing Bruna out should not be our primary focus in this build.


The main finishing combo of the game involves swinging with Bruna in super saiyan style. Three Dreams/Intuition lets me tutor for the game ending auras Battle Mastery, Corrupted Conscience, and Eldrazi Conscription. Any one opponent will instantly die if Bruna connects with any two of those three auras:

If we don't draw the relevant pieces, we have extra tutors like Open the Armory, Enlightened Tutor, and Idyllic Tutor to search for the missing pieces or strong draw effects like Consecrated Sphinx to dig further into the library.

Other than winning with regular pumped-up aurafied hatebears, we can also win with another backup combo ( Phantatog and Journey to Nowhere could be added for more redundancies):

How the infinite combo works is to have Oblivion Ring/Detention Sphere come into play exiling Sun Titan. After the exiling ability is resolved, hold priority and sac the ring to Faith Healer/Auratog (the ring will go to the graveyard as a game state action) which will bring titan back. The titan's ability will trigger to bring back the ring. This is the loop and it can be repeated at instant speed ad infinitum.*

*Note that the above combo will not work if Hushwing Gryff/Containment Priest is in play. Removing them via the combo below is the only way to enable the combo:

Take advantage of the delayed trigger of Oblivion Ring/Detention Sphere to permanently exile a nonland permanent. When the ring or sphere comes into play, the first ability will be on the stack. Hold priority and respond to that trigger by sacrificing it to Auratog/Faith Healer before the second ability comes into effect. Once the second ability triggers, it will do nothing since the original enchantment is gone already. This can be repeated if Sun Titan is in play.

We also have an infinite turn/combat combo in this deck which we can assemble late game (requires ):

How this combo works is to attach Darksteel Mutation to Medomai the Ageless. Attack opponent without fliers and cast Capsize with buyback on the Mutation after declare attacker step (and before declare blocker step). Doing the above will have Medomai bypass the "can't attack during extra turns" clause. Repeat the loop ad infinitum.


I build this deck with a more casual multiplayer focus, in order to make this deck a little more competitive, these are the changes I would make:


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