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Attune with the Ban Hammer! (Pau-liferate)

Pauper Aggro Budget Counters Energy GU (Simic)



Well, the banning of Attune with AEther kinda killed my Gruul Energy deck, soooo what to do with Attune? Build a Pauper deck of course! (My favorite format anyway!) I've been looking for a way to use Thrummingbird and Steady Progress together...might this be the right deck? Are Energy and proliferate gonna work in this format? I am not great at Simic builds, so if you have any suggestions that might help this counters/proliferate strategy work, please comment below. Well. After play-testing it became clear that this deck wants to be aggro...the Energy mechanic encourages both growth and aggro = Aggrowth! Thanks for looking!
UPDATE WAR OF THE SPARK: added Contentious Plan and Pollenbright Druid

Here are my other "Attune"-based decks:
At-t-tune with T-T-Tokens Selesnya Energy+Tokens
Attune with the Bernergy Grull Energy+Burn

Do you love Pauper? New to the format?

Please check out my profile page eyes2sky...I currently have over 50 Pauper decks for you to check out...maybe you'll be inspired to build some pauper decks?...thanks for looking and for helping spread the Pauper love!


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