Originally this was the deck The Sexy Hot Chick Deck by opticnirv. I have copied it over and plan to update and improve on this for my own use. I do not expect for it to ever be something that is competitive as the concept of the deck is based on the art as opposed to optimal cards effects.

I, however, would like suggestions of cards that synergize and work with one another to make powerful effects while also (if at all possible) containing attractive art containing women. Currently when I play this deck I have little to no direction during the game as I don't feel there are tactics I can use.

As a relative novice in MTG I would appreciate any insight you can give.

As this is more of a fun deck I am planning on keeping this a budget deck. I will likely add cards I find in my collection to the Sideboard so that it is very easy to tell what I do already have and I think fits with the aesthetic of the deck, and anything I may want to think about getting to the Maybe Board. I would still love to hear your suggestions on what I should add in and what I should remove or replace as well as why (this last part is important since it will hopefully help me think more like a deck builder).

My own thoughts of improvements is to reduce the number of tribes I have. I figure Angel, Human, Vampire, and Elf are the most likely. All have benefits and having too many means I will be splitting my commander's ability.

Thank you for any suggestions you are willing to share with me.


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