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Attempt at making either a storm or infinite combo Kykar cEDH (haven't included some fetches/etc for my personal budget). I've been testing it out and it doesn't seem cEDH viable.

The combo is Jeskai Ascendancy untapping with Retraction Helix to get inifinite red mana with Kykar, Wind's Fury , then finishing with Goblin Bombardment or other outlets.

Overall, this deck is surprisingly lackluster in at least 50% of playtesting hands. It has the problem that it doesn't usually get Kykar out until turn 3, or if you get him out turn 2, you run out of cards fast. I only run Windfall and Wheel of Fortune for full refill, and the other wheels, while somewhat effective. I just think that it is too slow. In a slower meta without lots of combo decks, it could be viable, especially with the interaction we run.

Looking for advice because I really want this to be cEDH viable, but I might have to scrap it based on the above statements.


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