The Essence of Atraxa Of New Phyrexia

Well at least my best interpretation of her.

So this is my second proper EDH deck ever made. I'm still quite new to mtg, and have been pushed by my group(meta) to increase the interaction, aggressiveness and general competitive nature of the way I play. I'm a green player at heart. My first deck was a Vorel of the Hull Clade draw combo deck deck: Vorel The Countdown. Which I've been updating to now try to keep up with this Atraxa build.
Atraxa is 1 of 2 of my favorite commanders when I started mtg edh (Vorel being the second). I'm quite determined not to create the typical:
  • Counters matters - No need for creatures without a single Phyrexian purpose in support of Atraxa.

  • Infect deck - I care not for Elesh Norn's goal of unification in this deck; much prefer to drain the life of and strategically massacre all who dare appose Atraxa as she furthers her hidden agenda + Infect is a little too antisocial in this deck for now.

  • Nor super friends - Because I don't think I can afford it + just not my thing + Atraxa is the Voice of the Praetors and will not ally herself with those who dear to appose Phyrexia.

So I decided to do a deck that tries to use her combat ability as a life-linker and a general badass commander (as she was created to be - The Ultimate Compleate Phyrexian) to just keep attacking (Vorinclex), gaining life (Elesh Norn) and mess with other peoples game, but mostly stop them from messing with ours (Jin-Gitaxias) till the pieces fall into place to drain for the win (Sheoldred). As Phyrexia devours all in this coming war.

Depending on the game, she can become a dangerous decoy, while you put together the final pieces to nuke everyone. Hopefully this pays off because she's a decoy that no one can usually afford to ignore.

Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder for infinite life and +1 counters which then interacts with other cards that do something when they get counters like Crystalline Crawler for infinite mana, Fathom Mage for infinite card draw. And obviously if Atraxa is on the battlefield she will also gain infinite counters.
  • Aetherflux Reservoir (Probably made by followers of Elesh Norn for this exact purpose) - This card is usually only ever played when we have enough life to nuke all of our opponents within that turn. The only other time this comes out earlier is if we have Exquisite Blood . Once you have over 50 life you can continuously nuke for free recycling the initial 50 life you paid to nuke the first opponent.

  • Celestial Mantle (Remnants of Atraxa's once Angelic origins) + Sanguine Bond (A gift from Sheoldred) + Rogue's Passage - Make Atraxa unblockable for a quick take down. Update Celestial Mantle was recently replaced by Beacon of Immortality as Celes usually took too long to be of any use and more often than not, people blocked her and eventually removed it by the next turn. This makes the steep cost of a waste before I could get my life doubled as couldn't always make her unblockable. It seems I would need to run more unblockable effects to make good use. So unfortunately Celestial Mantle has been relegated to the maybe pile even though it looks soo cool! Update Sanguine Bond has been relegated to the maybe pile to make room for other pieces, but this combo still works with Vizkopa Guildmage but better as we nuke everyone.

This unfortunately makes the build a little less voltron at the minute. It does however make it more efficient, and we love efficiency over all, but I'm working on it. Update We've added some pieces to resolve this Hatred Duelist's Heritage Mask of Riddles Sword of Feast and Famine . Those should sort that!

  • Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond - Infinite once any life is loss or gained (Phyrexian Compleation - Phyrexia Life Eternal). Update Sanguine Bond relegated. However Vizkopa Guildmage works perfectly here instead.

  • Unspeakable Symbol (Another gift from the past - Probably remnants of Old Phyrexia - as all begins and ends with Phyrexia) At any point you have at least 20 life (anything below that is a little risky but that's the fun of this deck, play balls to the wall and take no prisoners! As Atraxa is the true embodiment of a Compleate Phyrexia). Drain yourself by a safe 15 life for 5 counters on Atraxa and get most of it back via lifelink. Ultimately only paying 6 life for the 5 counters after combat (Bargain!) then proliferate by turn end for a true 1 life for 1 counter, Phyrexian Perfection (This in itself is an achievement as you further display the Phyrexian ideals). Update This is waaay more bonkers than I originally thought. With this, our life becomes a potentially infinite source of Mana with Crystalline Crawler and Draw with Fathom Mage .

After play testing for some time now I've only ever tried to use Crawler's ability and Fathom's abilities along side playing the Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder combo (How foolish of me. It was staring me right in the face!). Only now realising that once I'm gaining a tun of life I can get Unspeakable Symbol out with Fathom Mage to just keep paying life to draw cards till I draw into a tutor for Crystalline Crawler or if I have Crawler out already, my life is my! Let that sink in for a quick sec. Then you couple some counter doubling from Winding Constrictor along with some draw doubling from Alhammarret's Archive . Once these pieces are out...the game should be over without even touching our main Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder combo. I was blind, but now I see!

Update Last way wincon is the most straight forward and what we want to be doing with Atraxa

  • Attacking head on! The deck is newly equipped with Duelist's Heritage to make Atraxa do a sweet bit of 8 damage at earliest turn 4. Then the newly added Hatred for an insta kill once we see weakness in the opponents defences. If you couple these pieces with each other and the likes of Alhammarret's Archive or Vizkopa Guildmage ....woah! Easy now! I just need to find a way to squeeze in Finest Hour ...Phyrexian droool!
My philosophy behind choosing cards for this build is heavily based around cost effectiveness (CMC). Find what I want to do and figure out how cheaply it can be done, if it's cheap enough and does the task efficiently and my wallet can afford it, then it gets a place to stand with Atraxa on the battlefield.

The reason for this is to try to keep Atraxa fit and ready for action as often as possible. So you can almost always have the chance to leave some mana up for interactive plays or ramp for next turn (or usually countering instant/sorcery kill spells).

Update We've increased the possibility for us to have mana up by adding Sword of Feast and Famine . This gives the same untap abilities as Bear Umbra . Just imagine have them both equipped Phyrexian Drool with Greed to make use of the first untap from Bear Umbra then Well of Lost Dreams to make use of the second untap after damage by Sword of Feast and Famine . We plan to draw a tun and play a tun in this deck! But always make sure you save some mana to play with after drawing a tun and hold up some mana for some counter fun!

Atraxa is essentially to many a 'kill on sight' so what you want to do is have her out on the battlefield as early as possibly before most decks can have a response and hopefully by then you would have had the chance to draw into some protection, counter magic or at least have done some serious damage before she leaves the board only to return again for another round.



I never truly unlocked the potential of Umezawa's Jitte till I added Duelist's Heritage ...Need I say more? (I will anyways!) +4 counters instead of +2 and couple that with Winding Constrictor makes it +6 counters once damage resolves, then proliferates to 7 by the end of turn. That gives you a tun to do with next turn making Atraxa 20/20 or more...or even kill some creatures at instant speed! Because of double strike you can even remove the counters from Jitte after first damage step and make Atraxa bigger in the second damage step if you really needed to!


  • Cultivate - We have access to some of the best ramp in magic in green and this is one of them! Best because it's cheap for the ability it gives.
  • Kodama's Reach - Same as Cultivate...literally.
  • Debt to the Deathless - Update This bad boi has been relegated to the maybe pile. I barely ever had the mana available to cast it and when I did cast it, it's not usually the kill all I would like it to be unless I can really pump it, but it's a real game ender coupled with Vizkopa Guildmage , but just too mana intensive needing a whopping & usually playing both in the same turn isn't possibly unless we have Chromatic Lantern out. But time to move on.
  • Demonic Tutor - When in black! Can't get better than this super cheap tutor to your hand!
  • Increasing Savagery - Update This has been relegated to the maybe pile. It was a fine piece! Playing Atraxa, then next turn playing this, then have your opponents freak out at the possibility of flashing it back all in the same turn! Beautiful. Unfortunately it just didn't stand the test of time as better pieces took its place.
  • Nature's Lore - Update Relegated to the maybe pile. Great piece for fast ramp, but we're very capable of getting our lands untapped Bear Umbra or having them come in untapped Amulet of Vigor . The 2 main benefits of this card is to grab any forest we want to fix our colours and use it on the turn by shocking ourselves for 2 when it comes in so it comes in untapped. We can grab 2 lands with Kodama's Reach ramping us by 1 land for the next turn or with the above mentioned untapping capabilities we can have 2 lands in that turn untapped. So this was replaced by Kodama's Reach .
  • Ponder - Beautiful blue draw here and draw fixing. Can't ask for better for cheaper. (well you can... Brainstorm , but that's why we have both)
  • Skyshroud Claim - Oooh wee! Grab Breeding Pool Temple Garden or Overgrown Tomb and shock yourself for 4 when they come in so they come in untapped. Small price to pay for that kind of ramp!
  • Tooth and Nail - This is the bad boi! This will grab our combo pieces Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder and drop them onto the battlefield at the same time! MAD! All for ! Archangel + Spike total CMC cost is . You basically get to tutor those 2 creatures for . And with that you just went infinite! With infinite +1 counters on all your creatures and infinite life. Now if you can copy Tooth and Nail with Mirrorpool then it's game over. You then grab Crystalline Crawler + Fathom Mage if you wanna draw your library and pick the way you would like to end your opponents or if you're afraid your opponent may have a response. Being able to grab the deck and say NO is comforting. Or you could simply grab Vizkopa Guildmage + either Crystalline Crawler or Fathom Mage and activate his ability...and while you gain life from the combo, everyone dies! We would love to be able to grab Grand Abolisher aswell, but I'm working on it. Hard to fit him in atm.



Still a Work In Progress

I've added quite a number of maybe cards, as I'm still fine tuning her as I play and spot weaknesses. I can finally show my group I can interact with the best of em!

All suggestions are welcome :) Need all the help I can get :D

Semi Update

Been making lots of changes and updating this since I first uploaded. I've not really kept track of it throughout the miner swaps here and there, but I do have the original base I started with before I revealed it (my initial uploaded version). I'll state the changes from that version to what it has evolved into now.

P.S. All the Phyrexian lore was just added for funzies as I recently read up on the Phyrexian lore. :D


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