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Seeing what i can get by attempting a Horror Tribal with Atraxa as commander. If anyone has any suggestions for this, throw some ideas my way. I've always wanted a horror tribal edh deck but hated the few colors I was always limited to. There are too many cool horrors to only want to do one or two colors. I was immediately drawn to Atraxa when I first seen her spoiled. My immediate thought was I need to try to build a horror tribal out of this. However, building this deck is taking me ages and I believe I need outside help.

Commander: Atraxa, Praetor's Voice

Meta Power Level: We have some very experienced players. About half the table has been playing since Ice Age. Rarely does the same person win 2 games in a row at our table. We have 2 control players, token player/tribal, one relatively new player, two players that often play with red strategies, etc. We typically have up to 9 people but normally 5-6 show up on game night. Each of us has around 6+ decks.

Meta: Superfriends, Mimeoplasm, Allies/Rat Tribal, 3 Voltron Strategies, 3 Control decks, 2 Group Hugs (played maybe once a night), 1 Stax, Animar, non infinite kiki, rakdos, the defiler, karametra, tasigur, nekusar, 1 Token Player, too many decks to count, etc.

Budget: A majority of the really expensive cards in here I already own but i'd prefer to keep it as inexpensive as possible. However, I am willing to accept cards in consideration if they are the best for the slot within reason.

Objective: I created a horror tribal deck with the intent to win with an aggro strategy. Subtheme of counters and a little bit of infect(due to there being horror infects). Ideally I just want to overpower people with horror creatures but this deck has been so hard to create.

Deck Win Conditions: As of right now Rite of Replication , Triumph of the Hordes , building up creatures to win via infect/aggro

House Rules: My playgroup prefers interactive decks, no mass land destruction, no mass land destruction no eldrazi, Proxies are allowed (but I do like to collect), no infinite combo(unless 3 or more cards), play to win (not to do something because you can), etc.

I am willing to change up my list to help me achieve my goal of making Atraxa horrors a thing.


-Would prefer horror only creatures or relevant to the strategy (i.e., Brass Herald , Adaptive Automaton , Metallic Mimic , etc.)

-Working on improving the removal

-The land base is intentionally really cheap

-Trying to fit in more mass card draw thinking of Fathom Mage , Jace Beleren , etc.

- Avenger of Zendikar is doing a lot of work when I get it so looking into other big token generators to see how they perform.

-Considering Avenger of Zendikar and Archangel of Thune because they are all stars however, they aren't horrors.

-struggling a bit with the rocks/ramp spells

-Hoping I can slide in Tainted Strike

-Looking into more tutors and counterspells


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