Atraxa leads superfriends in an all out war against your opponents wielding a healthy stockpile of creature tokens and loyalty counters!

I've always loved Planeswalker cards, so here's the deck I've been wanting to build forever. So glad they finally printed a card like Atraxa, Praetors' Voice (lol op; needs ban).

Good walkers, and great support. Thanks, Oaths!

Sticks a toothpick in his mouth. So here's what you're gonna do: Play your walkers and try to ult them. Play Atraxa. Make creature tokens along the way. Overwhelm them with your army of emblems and tokens. Poison is another win con (lol, Ichor Rats). Every spell is a superfriend, helps a superfriend, thins the deck and fixes colors, shifts through cards, or is a removal/wipe spell.


Updates Add

After playing a test run, not having Privileged Position actually lost me the game. Reconsidering this card, I'm just not sure of what to take out to slot it in. I also want to include Captain Sisay ; I plan to drop Demonic Tutor for it. It makes sense to me, anyway.



91% Competitive