Working on a semi-competitive Stax deck featuring Atraxa. While she should be very effective for a Superfriends deck, I'm trying to restrict myself to only those planeswalkers that directly add to the game plan and make the stax effects asymmetrical.

My first opponent will be a buddy of mine who's building Breya to be a brutal fast-combo deck. I need to be able to shut that down, so I'm including cards like Null Rod, Cursed Totem, and Grafdigger's Cage to hose his most likely strategies. These do have a few nonbos with other cards in the deck, so I'd appreciate any input on adjustments.

The primary strategy is to establish a Stasis lock, then continually swing in with Atraxa. Alternative win conditions include various walker abilities and infect.

Weaknesses right now would include artifact hate and non-creature based combos.

I haven't made a real stax deck before, and have mostly just played mono-black, so I feel like I'm entering new territory here. Any suggestions are welcome.

I'll very likely also create a different version of Atraxa that focuses on Superfriends as a more "fun" and less cutthroat deck.


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For the sake of casual play, I moved Atraxa away from stax and focused on +1/+1 counters. However, the deck has just not been playing well in my meta. Once it gets going it's hard to deal with, but it's extremely vulnerable to interaction, which my opponents have been learning.

Also yesterday at the San Jose Grand Prix event, I picked up a shiny new Italian Chains of Mephistopheles and an English Nether Void , which of course has put me back in the mood for stax.

I'll be looking to revamp this list a bit, modifying it based on what I learned last time. It worked extremely well against my friend's Breya deck (which was the original intent), but didn;t hold up as well against other decks at our LGS commander night. This seemed largely to be due to the lack of real win conditions once I reached walker critical mass and started to "go off." My wins mostly came from beats with Atraxa while maintaining a lock, and that's just not flexible enough.

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