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Atraxa - Stax Praetor

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Much altered from my original build thanks to input from the community,this is my latest STAX Atraxa deck.

The deck looks to turn off combo,slow down the game and deny resources whilst buying me time to play out the hard locks.

It is built on the concept of classic Stax focusing on locks,rocks (mainly in the form of dorks) and draw.

The first tactic of the deck is making non creature spells cost as much as possible to turn off the value of my opponents playing cantrips,ramp and counter spells.

Then I'm looking to strangle my opponents by denying their resources. Cards like Static Orb and Winter Orb make it difficult for everyone to have the mana to play spells. I am able to break symmetry by having a low CMC and cards that allow me to untap mana sources giving me a huge head start in the race.

I used to run a ton of artifact mana but I have recently dropped a lot of it to run more mana dorks. This is mainly due to me cutting Cursed Totem for Null Rod (coming soon).

more to follow


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