Planeswalker deck, heavy ramp, heavy targeted cheap removal (for stopping early infinite combos rife in my meta). Atraxa there for a blocker + proliferation.

Suggestions welcome: am I too light on Planeswalkers? Do I need more walker support? After play testing, this seems to be a solid formula. There are many planeswalkers in these colours that I am not using, if you can think of one I should run, don't hesitate to tell me why!

Concerned for the longevity of this deck as The Immortal Sun is a single card shutdown for this deck. Only hope in dealing with it is drawing into a removal spell, but regardless should have pretty much muscled opponents out of the game by the time they're able to cast it (that's the hope anyway).

Also, first 4-colour manabase I have built. Are the dorks a bit excessive? Please critique!


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