This deck started with the idea to just jam every kind of counter into it for Atraxa to proliferate.
But soon I decided to streamline it and concentrate on the three available experience commanders in the color combination, while also having a prominent +1/+1 counters theme.

I included cards that work well with preferably more than one experience legend, while being good on their own.
For Daxos, I chose to also work with an echantment subtheme, but he is a genuine win-condition on his own in the late-game, once you were able to get at least one experience counter from Ezuri or Meren and proliferate it a bunch of times.
Ezuri is another great way to victory and can pump Atraxa to Voltron levels of power in one or two turns once the experience has reached a respectable level.
Meren is mostly just a value-engine, but with the right stuff in the grave she can grind out a game with recursive threats and removal, until you can assemble something deadly.

I chose to keep my count of tutors rather low and specific, as I do in most of my decks to make them less reliable and efficient. This is also the reason for a low non-permanent count. I want to win with creature and enchantment synergies in this deck for the most part.
The few instants and sorceries present are very efficient in what they do:
Arachnogenesis is absurd with Ezuri or Cathars' Crusade on the field and can save you from an otherwise deadly attack.
Faith's Reward and Cyclonic Rift are mostly a last-ditch defense against boardwipes and an overwhelming board presence respectively, though Rift can be used offensively as well to suddenly take out somebody with a bunch of +1/+1 pumped monsters or a giant Atraxa.

One could definitely add a number of boardwipes, as the deck only has a Pernicious Deed and a Sunblast Angel , both failing to destroy everything problematic, but can be recurred effectively.

Cards of Note:
The three Experience Legends (Ezuri, Meren and Daxos) (The deck is well-suited to abuse their abilities)
Cathars' Crusade (strong in any creature heavy deck, but here it amplifies the +1/+1 counter theme by stupid margins and creates an impressive engine with Ghave, churning out multiple tokens per turn, each one pumping pumping the whole team permanently by +1/+1)
Winding Constrictor (The snek does stupid things here, especially once proliferation comes into play to ramp up the counters through the stratosphere)
Thornbite Staff is nothing spectacular on its own, but once you strap it onto Atraxa, it combines with deathtouch into a deadly machine-gun.

Note: I have also uploaded a budget version of this deck, Atraxa Experience Extravaganza Budget. There is still a bunch of cards over $10 in there, but it's much more affordable.

EDIT: I did a few card swaps to include some amazing cards from Amonkhet and improve some weaknesses.
Oracle's Vault had to be included as it brings the potential for immense card advantage, and I also want to try out As Fortetold in the near future. Pyramid of the Pantheon is a mediocre fixer early but brings great ramp to the table in the midgame, and this deck tends to be mana hungry.
Other swaps:
Greater Good came in to give me more card draw, as this deck can create really beefy creatures, and it fuels Meren. Tortured Existence is a cheaper alternative to Genesis and it allows me to put stuff into the grave for Meren to recur. Phyrexian Reclamation is another option.
Lightning Greaves ended up feeling necessary, and maybe I will have to add another source of haste for surprise Atraxa beatdown (she can suddenly grow to 21 power with Ezuri and enough experience).
Inspiring Call came in as another protective measure and replaces Rishkar who had too few cheap creatures to shine.


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