This is my sleeper life drain deck. There are a few built in combos and strong synergies that filter into each other if one route is lost. Although I’ve used Razaketh as a beat stick, he is mainly a tutor that feeds into the sacrifice synergies of the deck. Be political with this deck at first but then target the threat when you initially go off. It rarely plays at a fast pace, but once it’s ready to go off the game is won. Necropotence will be a key piece for you to drop early game. Keep 7 in hand at all times unless you get Thought Vessel or Reliquary Tower out, in which case go fast and hard.

Star of the deck:

Athreos, God of Passage

Supporting Actors:

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

Shadowborn Apostle

Tools of the Trade:

Bontu's Monument

Thrumming Stone


Cloudstone Curio

Phyrexian Altar

Blood Artist

Zulaport Cutthroat

Cruel Celebrant

Main Setup:

Cloudstone Curio + Edgewalker + 2 Shadowborn Apostle


Bontu's Monument - Drain everyone of life

Thrumming Stone - almost guaranteed to play all Apostles. Bontu's Monument in addition to this is gravy. I use to run Secret Salvage , but it rarely played to my benefit.

Drop 25 Apostles, sac 6 to put into play Razaketh (you should have Athreos, God of Passage out during this for 6 triggers and more to come). If you have no mana sources left you’ll need to sac 1-2 for a land (and mix if you’ve already dropped land this turn). Sac also for cutthroat, celebrant, Dark rit, culling, servitude, and phyrexian altar. Don’t forget the Athreos triggers.

**Remember that Cruel Celebrant and Zulaport Cutthroat hit all opponents and get around shroud/hexproof. Blood Artist is ok but not the all star for this strategy.

If everything went well you should have 10-15 Apostles in play still depending on your game (rough estimate). Dark rit, cast cutthroat as it’s the easiest mana wise, culling the weak, Athreos trigger, phyrexian altar, sac 1 to altar, cruel celebrant, sac remaining apostles to altar. Athreos (and Blood Artist if in play) should also target lowest life total. If the don’t pay life use black mana from phyrexian arena to recast the apostle and target lowest life total with artist and Athreos till they're dead, use 4 mana (X is 1) if needed during this to cast servitude to repeat process. This is the long complicated play for the win.

Set Up: Athreos, God of Passage + Shadowborn Apostle + Phyrexian Altar


Grim Haruspex - Card draw as long as the opponent isn’t willing to pay 3 life. Target the lowest life total to get best results.


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