This deck is my baby and I have been working on it for a long time. It is now complete. This deck basically is designed to drain my opponents' life as I gain it while controlling the field. With my Athreos, God of Passage not letting my creatures die or draining my opponent of 3 life to keep them in the graveyard, it can more then hold its own and be a severe annoyance. All of the cards are multi colored so pulling off combos with Deathbringer Liege and Nightsky Mimic are easy.


How the deck should run

Turn 1 Godless Shrine in play tapped

Turn 2 Isolated Chapel + Nightsky Mimic

Turn 3 Isolated Chapel + Souls of the Faultless and swing with Nightsky Mimic for 4 in the air bringing there life to 16

Turn 4 Vault of the Archangel + Edge of the Divinity on Nightsky Mimic to make him a 7/7 and swing for 7 in the air bringing there life to 9!

Turn 5 Fetid Heath + Athreos, God of Passage and an Edge of the Divinity on the Nightsky Mimic making Athreos, God of Passage a creature and then swing with 10 in the air and the if they don't die from that you now have a setup to protect your creatures from staying dead and other spells to back you up.

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