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Athreos, Extortion, Evocation, Elimination

Commander / EDH* Control Demons Spirits WB (Orzhov)


When I was a newb to MTG I started out with a friend's deck that had extort in it (they thought I was a black/white mana type.) Welp, I ended up buying the Orzhov starter deck because I loved extort so much This commander deck is an extension of that first deck after gaining some experience.

It includes extort cards and different ways to shave away people's life pools. I've added heavy hitters, spirit spawns and different control cards to accelerate the deck as well, since extort is slow. I'm open to thoughts and advice! It's my first built deck.

Updated: Removed 6 Swamp and 1 Plains to add 7 spells.

Even more, I've added Teysa Karlov for double on death effects. I've included Elspeth, Knight Errant for fodder generation and possible indestructible. Elendra, Dusk Rose for a monster bomb. Plus I've added deathtouch to add insult to injury :).


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