I keep testing this deck and so far I'm really enjoying how it plays. I start by playing protection cards to prevent me from dying with no creatures on the field. The pillow fort doesn't draw much attention and I chill in the shadows of the other players. Then I have my fun collecting all the mana I could ever need. With the mana I then set up a win condition when nobody is looking by dropping a few mill cards and dumping upwards of 100 mana into them Increasing Confusion.


When I started playing this deck I dropped the big creature or huge sorcery too soon and lost because I became the immediate target. The secret to this deck is patience, you have to avoid the urge to drop the 10/10 eldrazi Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger even though you are fully capable of doing it. Kruphix lets you wait with both an endless mana pool and endless hand, his real ability is secretly being able to plan and prepare.

The problem with this deck is it relies on carefully knowing the political state of the board and being the least threatening for most of the early game. This means if someone for some reason chooses to end me early on with a faster aggro deck I would be toast. The reason it works though is because of the length of EDH games and the idea that there is always a bigger fish to worry about at a table of 3-4.

From my experience of playing this deck the aggro decks that pose an early game threat get choked out by everyone else anyways. This is definitely dependent on your play group but for me the other opponents will manage the overly aggressive decks. Along with this I included the cards like Elephant Grass, Arboria, Collective Restraint, Energy Field, and Propaganda just in case I become the target of attacks.


The mana storing ability that Kruphix provides can be used to cheat a couple cards. Cards that produce lots of mana with a conditional mana use like Eldrazi Temple, Somberwald Sage, and Vedalken Engineer can be used for any spell after the mana is transformed into colourless by Kruphix. This means for the sake of ramp these cards are perfectly viable.

Another trick is waiting until the end of the last opponents turn before tapping out all your mana. With Kruphix keeping it after the turn ends you don't have to tap out at the end of your turn, you can wait until right before your next upkeep. This can convince people you have a counter spell while still allowing you to tap your mana from last turn right before your next turn.

Cards like Awakening, Seedborn Muse, Urban Burgeoning, and Victory Chimes utilize my opponents turns to generate more mana as well.


I would also appreciate any input if anyone has ideas or cards that would match the way this deck plays. Feel free to suggest anything in the comments, even music, that's cool too. If you think I should switch out cards in my main board for the cards in my sideboard let me know too.


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