Trully a Cruel control deck. By enchanting our opponents land we can force them to kill themselves by tapping their own mana or tapping their mana w/ our assistance haha.

Win Condition:

Enchant your opponent's mana with Contaminated Ground, Pooling Venom, and Psychic Venom which will ping them for 2 every time they tap it to cast anything, to attack (Propaganda War Tax), to keep their creatures alive(Pendrell Mists), or to keep me from drawing (Rhystic Study).

We can assist our opponent by kindly tapping their mana for them,Mana Web,Mana Short Icy Manipulator

Support your win con with:

Mana Short if you have four mana enchanted, use one of these badboys at their upkeep and deal 8dmg, along with making them skip a turn.

Mana Web.has proven to be brutal in here. Basically, the longer the game draws on the more uncontaminated mana our opponents drop. Well Mana Web force taps all of their mana if they want to do ANYTHING whether it be, tapping to attack, tapping to keep their creatures alive, tapping to cast, tapping to keep me from drawing cards ect...

Icy Manipulator In my initial build, I found myself sitting around waiting to hit a Mana Short. With this I can put a clock on the game and even start triple enchanting a single land for a swift quick kill.

Board control:

Propaganda a 3 drop that keeps stacking. Gets more and more painful to pay the 2+ mana with all the enchanted lands.

War Tax so far so good. Games tend to drag on and we ususally have alot of mana laying around. I can dump all my mana into and almost be sure my opponent has to hurt himself to attack. Also protects my Sorin Markov.

Creature control:

Pendrell Mists a four drop that forces our opponents to pay one mana per creature at their upkeep in order to keep them alive. This will either make it less likely for them to have open mana for Propaganda and friends And/Or ping them with the enchanted mana/ OR force them to sac some creatures.

Innocent Blood, trying this out in here. Not sure if it's the best use of 2 slots and am currently looking for better removal.

Card advantage:

Mitotic Manipulation lets me dig through my deck in search of any permanents I might need for 3 mana.

Preordain Classic, lets me dig through trying to find answers.

Rhystic Study can make it more painful for opponents to cast any spells because it makes them 1 mana more expensive OR I get a free card.

Creature lockdown combo: Pendrell Mists Mana Web Propaganda.

For Fun:

Sorin Markov fits the theme really well.Sorin is a sadistic dude, ping and keeps me alive just a bit longer, can set me up to win the game w/ a quick Mana Short with his second ability. His third ability pretty much = GG, take all the stuff they haven't been able to cast and use it against them somehow while at the same time tapping out their mana.

All feedback on how to make this better/more fun/ more flavorful is more than welcome!


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