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Assassin's Apprentice

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This is a fun deck, and it feels really powerful when you manage to build an army of deathtouch creatures armed with the Viridian Longbow. I don't believe it is as competitive as some of the Tier 1 decks but it does well against many of them. Biggest problems are burn, hexproof and fast decks like goblins.

The main problem with this deck is it plays slow and sure, meaning it doesn't have any hidden tricks and just does what is does, which is pinging. Everything else is to support that.

General strategy is easy to see. Longbow, Longbow and Longbow. Unless you really have to, you should never use deathtouch creatures in combat within the early game. But if you are sure that your opponent doesn't run many removals, you can be a little more generous with them.

Now, some of the unusual cards:

Thought Courier seems weird, but it has nice synergy with the deck. I usually use it together with Freed from the Real, it offers good draw. I know that the deck doesn't make use of madness, but discarding an useless draw is nice. And you can even use it 4-5 times easily at the oppenints end turn.

Reality Ripple is the best evasion for this deck. The creatures I use are usually full of equipments and enchantments. Reality Ripple allow all of them survive anything while staying together.

Freed from the Real also provides a nice way to clean the board and deal damage. You can use it on Thought Courier, or you can use it to deal 6-7 damage with the Longbow or wipe the board in the lategame.

Synergy of the Eternal Thirst is clear. You ping, you grow, you attack.

Hoodwink also offers good evasion. I usually bring it in the later games to use against artifact removal, After all, Longbow is backbone of this deck.

All in all, deck is a fun, cheap rogue brew, try it.


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