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My attempt at assassin tribal control. I got really tired of my play group spamming ninjutsu and shadow, so I built this to target their creatures and shut them down. Card advantage helps keep you ahead and lets you lock down the board with tap spells, with Meekstone keeping it locked down. When ready, turn your tapping spells towards your own creatures and spam Agent of the Fates + Royal Assassin . Lethal Vapors will slow their recovery speed, giving you time to slowly plink away at their life.

Not the most efficient win condition, so if anyone can suggest a better one please leave a comment.



StopShot says... #1

Nonblack creature removal can be so restrictive at times. Consider Cerulean Wisps to get around that or to untap and tap an assassin again for another kill. Also cantrip, instant speed, and converted mana cost one makes it all the more amazing in this deck.

December 5, 2015 7:07 p.m.

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