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Artificial Plague

Legacy* Infect U/B (Dimir)



Artifact (2)

The idea is to infect the opponent, infect his creatures and proliferate.

Every creature has infect or at least one more effect that is a synergy to other cards.

Examples: If you transmute "Perplex" you can look for "Ichor Rats" to get a Poison counter which you proliferate afterwards.

Throne of Geth lets you sacrifice 50% of the deck (including lands) to proliferate with cheap critters like "Ichorclaw Myr" or "Plague Myr" which have done their job already (hopefully).

"Vivid Creek" and "Vivid Springs" can be proliferated for increasing the speed of the deck mid- to late-game.

Just browse the cards and you will get the idea. Comments very welcome.


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Although it is a pretty old deck, I cycled it, because I am trying to get back into papermagic and wanted to know if it is reasonable to buy the cards for this deck. Thank you for your comments and votes!


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This deck is Legacy legal.

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