Realistic best turn 4 offense

  • Turn 1: land, Ornithopter and then any one drop flyer
  • Turn 2: land, Ensoul Artifact hit for 5
  • Turn 3: land, Tempered Steel hit for 9
  • Turn 4: win

    (with more 0/1 drops or Springleaf Drum you can hit harder and faster)

    Hope of Ghirapur, Ornithopter, Vault Skirge + Ensoul Artifact = 5/5 flying

    Etched Champion + Cranial Plating = unblockable damage

    Tempered Steel = AOE buff.


  • (if your lucky to get a second Hope of Ghirapur make sure you play it after you sac the 1st this way your get two control free turns)

    Darksteel Citadel + Ensoul Artifact = 5/5 Indestructible

    Spellskite + Hope of Ghirapur can buy you a turn or two or even completely shut down decks like infect or control


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